Silencer – Divisions
  1. Anticreation
  2. Main Sequence
  3. Panoptic
  4. Majority Ruin
  5. D.E.A.T.H.R.A.Y.
  6. Effigy in Suspension
  7. Distant Venus
  8. Betrayal and Massacre - An Overture to Germania
  9. Suppressor
  10. The Mind Races
  11. RBMK
  12. Shiftkill

Release Details

Label : F-Bomb Records
Date : Mar 17, 2009
Country : Worldwide
Format : CD, MP3

Released 2009


  • Keith Spargo: Guitars
  • Dan Lynn: Guitars
  • Brian Kotal: Drums
  • Chad Armstrong: Vocals

Produced by Dan Lynn and SILENCER

Drums, guitars & bass recorded at Firestorm Studios, engineered by Dan Lynn and Jeff Alexis

Vocals and additional guitars & recorded at Romblon Helipad Studios, engineered by Dan Lynn

Artwork and layout by Nick Jackson

Photography by Kim Cook


The Great Bear Silencer
The Great Bear
Death of Awe Silencer
Death of Awe
Found on the Sun Silencer
Found on the Sun